Shree Bhupendra Visaria

In 1981, the late Shree Bhupendra Visaria, a visionary and passionate leader, established a small steel factory in Mumbai. With only a pressing machine, a spinning machine, a table, a chair, and a single telephone line in a modest 200-square-foot shed, his endeavor marked a significant achievement.

Born on October 9, 1959, in Mumbai, Shree Bhupendra Visaria left school after the 10th grade to support his family, gaining invaluable business experience in a grain store. His uncle later brought him to Bhayander, Mumbai, where he managed a factory initially named "Bhayander Metal," which produced stainless steel containers. The company was renamed "PRECISION DEEP DRAW" in 1985, focusing on high-quality steel products. By the 1990s, it was manufacturing jars for brands like Jaipan, Maggi, and Summeet, and began exporting items such as jugs, pots, and cocktail shakers, earning the title "King of Cocktail Shaker" in the 2000s.

In 2009, Mr. Chirag Visaria joined the business after completing his mechanical engineering degree and an MBA in family business from S.P. Jain College. He introduced new visions and methodologies, attracting a premium client base and transitioning the company from a traditional business to a professionally driven enterprise. Despite the unexpected loss of its founder in 2016, the company continued to thrive.

Shree Bhupendra Visaria was a pioneer not only in product development but also in implementing modern management principles in conventional, unorganized steel factories. He introduced standardized packing, customer responsiveness, and accountability systems, transforming the company from a "Karkhana" into an "Industry." He is revered as the "Peter Drucker of Stainless Steel Jar Manufacturing."

In 2016, the company launched the "PddFALCON" brand to deliver premium quality steel to Indian consumers. In 2020, it became Prazision Deep Draw Pvt. Ltd., further professionalizing and expanding its operations.

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