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Pdd Falcon Stainless Steel EcoNxt Lunch Box Jumbo Set of 2 - 1000ml

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  • Product Dimensions in cm – 25x13x8
  • Product Weight in gm – 528 g
  • Product Capacity in ml –  1000ml
  • Material Used Stainless Steel Food Grade

Comes with

  • Containers    Each with stainless steel lid
  • PddFalcon 2p Bag easy to carry, compact and cute
  • Each container have one extra clamp
  • 1 Free Stainless steel spoon for serving


  • An innovative and premium upgrade to the regular steel lunch box (award winning best product design). Featuring a unique all steel seal lock-n-lock type lid
  • Zero plastic contact. Won't absorb flavors and odors like plastic.
  • Contains extra free clamp.
  • 100% leak-proof- & airtight . Easy locking, and stackable.
  • Comes with free stainless steel spoon.
  • Detachable and unbreakable clamps.
  • Ideal for office executives and school going kids
  • Unique insulated bag keeps food warm for hours.
  • Color: blue, material: stainless steel
  • Jindal s.s. 204 (cu) certified food grade stainless steel with superior mirror polish. 50% more copper qualities than ordinary steel.
  • Comes with a silicone ring inside for perfect air tight fitment.
  • Under 1 year warranty against cracking or rusting. Made of ss 204 (cu) grade stainless steel high grade steel coils. 50% more copper than ordinary steel grade. More copper means more crack resistant.


  • Eco-nxt containers are ideal for carrying your food to the workplace, school, college etc.
  • Made from 100 percent food grade and bpa free certified ss 204 (cu) jindal steel coils which contain 50% more copper thus is corrosion resistant and food safe.
  • Container will not crack, break or rust easily. 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.
  • This air tight lid is free from bpa (biphenyl a)- which causes health hazards when it comes in contact with food and liquids ensuring a healthier lifestyle using biphenyl a free products
  • Featuring a unique all steel seal lock-n-lock type lid, these containers are both air-tight and liquid-tight and retain the flavor of your food while preventing nasty spills and toxic elements.
  • Using the eco next storage containers, you can carry all types of food including curries, rice, sabs preparations, cut vegetables and fruits and more.
  • Freedom of carrying liquid dishes as containers are leak proof, so that you can carry a variety of food without the fear of spillage
  • Carry your home cooked food in style with insulated lunch box, it keeps food hot and fresh for long hours
  • Containers are leak proof and one oval container is steamer safe without lid. It has a soft insulated outer jacket
  • Eco-next containers were created by a mom who insisted on durable, sustainable, and non-toxic containers for her family lunches.
  • Eco next is one of its kind - no plastic contact based food s.s container which is easy locking, leak proof, air - tight and stackable.
  • The another unique point of the bottle is the ring on which lock inserts doesn’t fall down even after long time
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