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EcoNxt Tulip Lunch Box Set of 4 1000ml (FP11041)

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This EcoNxt Tulip Lunch Box is ideal for keeping food safe and fresh, Set of 4 1000ml contains just what you need to transport meals securely and efficiently. The set includes 4 containers made with eco-friendly, BPA-free plastic for perfect portion control. The Stainless Steel lid helps keep food fresher for a longer duration. With its trendy look and bright colors, this set will make lunchtime fun and enjoyable!

Comes with

  • 2p - 300ml Containers with stainless steel lid
  • 2p - 200ml Containers with stainless steel lid
  • 1p - Insulated Bag is easy to carry, compact, and cute
  • 1p - Each container has 1 extra clamp
  • 1p - Stainless steel spoon



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