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Twist-N-Store Steel Storage Canister, 450ml

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SS 204 food GRADE STAINLESS STEEL Clear see through PddFalcon see n store steel jars  are far safer than plastic JARS. These steel storage containers are lead free and are a healthy alternative to toxic plastic. Ensure a quality seal with each lid. Seal up freshness for long term storage! Your favorite coffee, tea, sugar, dry foods, snacks, pasta, coffee beans, and cookies will remain fresher longer! A screw on a metal lid with a seal keeps your food fresher longer. Prevent your sugar from getting hard, your cookies from getting stale- Use these canisters!


 PddFalcons Twist-N-Store Canister Steel kitchen containers or steel jars are Mirror Polished pure stainless steel See-through containers which allow viewing the stored food, making it a convenient option for storing daily cooking essentials such as spices, tea, sugar, coffee powder, dry fruits, and snacks for quick access.

  • These kitchen containers/steel jars are made from Certified food grade stainless steel material (SS 204 CU GRADE) which has 50% more copper than ordinary steel. Thus is more corrosion resistant, crack free, rust free and food safe.
  • This steel has similar qualities to SS 304 and has passed the Salt spray test as per International Standards.
  • MIRROR POLISHED Stainless steel enhances the richness of your kitchen.
  • The plastic used for see-through Is purely transparent BPA free recyclable virgin plastic material.
  • The advanced technology used in fitting the two materials will avoid water to enter in between thus avoiding rusting or odor from the merged area.
  • PddPalcon kitchen storage container and jar is your best friend for kitchen organization!
  • Multiple options and sizes – There is a Steel Jar for each standard rack size.
  • Tight lids prevent moisture from affecting the food and maintain the crispiness of the food stored within
  • Easy to maintain and clean and is dishwasher safe.
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